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Temporary Folders 1, 2, 3


Have 3 folders numbered 1, 2 and 3.  Use these for short-term projects that won’t need to be filed forever.  Use a Post-It to label it for its temporary use – e.g., “guest list and RSVPs” “car accident” or “paint chips.”   When the project is over, dispose of the contents or make a permanent file if needed.

Hold several recipes


When you have several recipes going at once, a cardholder (used to display pictures or greeting cards) keeps them clearly visible and all in one place.

Turn boxes inside out


If you have something that is large or strangely shaped and you may need to ship it, separate its original box at the seams where it’s glued, turn it inside out and tape it back together.  You get the custom-sized box and a nice, plain outside to put the mailing address on.

Shop by color


In discount stores where all of the styles are crammed together, shop by color.  Only look at clothes whose colors or patterns you like.  If you dislike the color or design, the article of clothing will not work for you.

More legroom


Once the plane has taken off, put your bag under your knees against your seat.  Your legs will have full use of the space in front of you and you’ll have easier access to its contents.

Legal disclaimer: You are responsible for your own safety.  It is always safest to keep the aisle completely clear and everything stowed under your seat or in the overhead compartment.  Tray upright…

Put L & R in kids’ shoes


Use a permanent marker to write “L” and “R” in the left and right shoes.  It helps them learn their left and right and enables them to put their shoes on themselves.

Save room, save shoes


Stuff socks into shoes and boots.  It saves room in your suitcase and keeps your shoes from getting creased or damaged.

Cell phones make great flashlights


they also work well in movie theaters and close quarters.

Less leaks in suitcase


Before packing shampoo, conditioner, any bottles that may leak, squeeze a little air out before closing.  This gives the bottle a little flexibility and lessens the likelihood of it popping open.

BandAid/tape/etc. too sticky


To keep BandAids from sticking long after the injury’s healed (or to keep tape from ripping the paint off of the walls), stick it to a piece of clothing or a towel first.  It will still do its job but without being as difficult to remove.