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Category Archives: misc

how could there not be a misc category on an organizational website?

Turn boxes inside out


If you have something that is large or strangely shaped and you may need to ship it, separate its original box at the seams where it’s glued, turn it inside out and tape it back together.  You get the custom-sized box and a nice, plain outside to put the mailing address on.

Cell phones make great flashlights


they also work well in movie theaters and close quarters.

BandAid/tape/etc. too sticky


To keep BandAids from sticking long after the injury’s healed (or to keep tape from ripping the paint off of the walls), stick it to a piece of clothing or a towel first.  It will still do its job but without being as difficult to remove.

Necessary Things


Swivel Sweeper Tastebook Vidalia Chop Wizard Real Simple Magazine simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump AngelCare Baby Monitor We are not paid to list these things.  Life would simply be much more difficult without them.